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Taking Care Of One’s Vision

CareUEyes is a light filter software created for long sessions of using the computer. The software gives protection for the eyes of all users.

Solution For Eye Strain 

Majority of computer users today take long hours of work and play. They neglect that their eyes need periodic rest from the constant staring at the computer. Constant exposure to blue light from computers can cause poor vision. Adults and children are the common victims of deteriorating vision. A lot of solutions for alleviating eye strain include timers and blue light filters.

Three Options By CareUEyes

CareUEyes offers a simple solution to common eye strain. It provides three methods of reducing strain from long sessions on using computers. The first available option is Blue Light Filter. It automatically integrates a filter from the blue light that is emitting from the computer screen. The screen becomes look warmer than the usual, making it more comfortable for the eyes to see. Users will be less tired as they work and play for longer hours. There are several presets for the Blue Light Filter. Users can change the Blue Light Filter’s color temperature, as well as brightness. They can choose presets like game, night, normal, office and smart. The second available option is Screen Dimmer. This software controls the computer screen’s brightness. It is ideal for working or playing on a light or dark environment. Screen Dimmer is compatible with most screens and monitors used today in the market. It can dim LCD, LED backlit and TFT screens. Users are ensured that the Screen Dimmer will not harm the computer screen. The third available option is Break Reminder. This option will give rest notifications if users have been working or playing at their computer for a very long time. Rest is very vital when it comes to long computing sessions because humans are not meant to sit for several hours. The software is a helpful reminder for taking short but healthy breaks as it prompts desktop notifications. Users can specify the frequency and amount of time that Break Reminder will pop up. There is also a random lock screen wallpaper to force users on taking rest. The other benefits of using the software’s Break Reminder are users will be forced to step away from the computer and do physical activities. Users are free to activate their standard CareUEyes for extra features like extended use.

A Constant Reminder For Eye Care

CareUEyes is a simple way of keeping one’s vision in its optimal state by reducing the blue light from the computer monitor. Although it is still important to visit an optometrist to get help regarding poor vision.


  • Reduce eye strain
  • Several blue light filter colors and adjustable brightness
  • Break Reminder
  • Works with most computer screens


  • Temporary solution for alleviating eye strain
  • Too simple functionality
  • More features available when purchased
  • Users can opt for an alarm instead for physically resting

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CareUEyes for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V
  • 4
  • (21)
  • Security Status

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